A myriad of psychoactive drugs (Cannabis, Mushroom, Cocaine, an assortment of Pills, etc.)

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Welcome to Recreational Drug Wiki

Recreational Drug Wiki is a huge source of information about anything related to common recreational drugs such as cannabis, tobacco, cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, LSD, and any more. The idea is to not promote nor prohibit use of these drugs with biased remarks, but to inform the reader with the best of facts.


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Recreational Drugs

Throughout the world and among every culture since the dawn of time, drugs of all kinds have been used for spirituality, empathy, stimulation, euphoria, and many other reasons. This wiki covers many of these psychoactive substances within its pages. They cover the history, use, effects, dosages, durations, safety, legality, and many other aspects.

Most drugs are illegal, yet some are perfectly legal with no regulation. Thse would include varieties you could buy at a common store or over-the-counter medications. The primary reason of creating this wiki was to explain drugs beyond the fact that makes them terrifying to most people (the law). Recreational Drug Wiki aims to educate the common people about the proven effects and to steer them away from despising a drug just because it is illegal. All you have to do is read the truth and facts, and then you can make your judgement.

It is extremely important to remember one fact in particular about recreational drug use: all drugs are fun, exciting, adventurous, etc., but all drugs carry risks.